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Sleek Ballet Bootcamp – Group Class

(Devised by Sleek Technique)


A 45 minute class that will deliver a full body workout! The Sleek Ballet Bootcamp class structure follows 5 seamlessly integrated sections delivered through modified ballet movements. You will seamlessly be taken through a warm up, lower body, upper body, cardio and redefine & define mat workout that will leave you feeling taller, stronger and more elegant. A perfect class for anyone looking to rediscover his or her love of dance, or for anyone looking to feel fitter, stronger and more toned.


No previous ballet experience is necessary! 

All classes are taken to music and are teacher-led

Class Descriptions

Private Adult Ballet Classes


A perfect chance to experience the beautiful art of ballet. Suitable from beginner through to advanced levels, each class is tailored to your personal level of fitness and experience.


Classes can be taken in the comfort of your own home, at a time suited to you.


At the heart of each class will be a focus on correct posture and alignment, all the while building confidence, coordination and developing your classical ballet technique.


*Online Classes through FaceTime are also available for all our private classes!

Private Children’s Ballet Classes


A chance for your young dancer to discover their love of ballet, or for additional exam coaching or simply for extra tuition alongside their current class. Elena is a Royal Academy of Dance registered teacher and currently teaches ballet at The Dance School at The Royal Academy of Dance.

Private Ballet Fitness Classes


Private Ballet Fitness classes are available to adults, from beginners to advanced levels and no prior ballet experience is necessary!


The classes are one hour long and incorporate Ballet Centre Practice exercises such as; Pliés, Ports de Bras and Grand Battements. These exercises utilise the strength and flexibility of each muscle group, whilst also increasing balance, co ordination and posture. The floor work section of the class is compromised of Pilates style and Ballet Floor Barre exercises. The mat work section provides a calm workout for both the body and the mind.


These classes will provide excellent benefits for toning, balance and general fitness, whilst also building an outward confidence and elegance.


*Online Classes through FaceTime are also available for all our private classes!

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